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Digital -Tutors Introduction to Animation in 3ds Max

Digital -Tutors Introduction to Animation in 3ds Max

Introduction to Animation in 3ds Max
A complete guide to learning animation tools in 3ds Max


Software: 3ds Max 2008 and up (project files require 3ds Max 2009)
Run Time: 3 hrs. 5 min., 1 disc
Availability: Ships next business day

Learn the fundamentals of animation and achieve greater results using a time-saving workflow to effectively using and learning the animation tools available in 3ds Max. Contains over 3 hours of project-based training for artists new to animation.

Popular highlights include:

* Overview of Animation Tools in Max
* Manipulating Animation with Curve Editor
* Methods for Fine-tuning Animation
* Ghosting Animation
* Animating with Expressions
* Wiring Parameters
* Real-time Previewing
* Cloning Key-frames
* Exploring Dope Sheet
* Path Animation
* Layering Animation
* Seamlessly Cycling Animation
* Saving and Loading Animation
* Trackbar Menu
* Understanding Trajectories
* Motion Mixer Overview
* Creating Track Sets
* Filtering F-curves
* Scaling Keys in Time and Value
* Breaking Continuity of Tangents for Weight
* Animating with Link Constraint
* Setting Default In and Out Tangents
* Understanding the Time Configuration Dialog

Lesson Outline:

1. Introduction 11:23
2. Overview of Max's Time Controls 12:34
3. Understanding Max's Time Configuration dialog 7:46
4. Basic ways to set and remove keyframes in Max 5:53
5. Moving, Scaling, and Cloning keys on the Trackbar 7:13
6. Adding animation offsets using list controllers 5:14
7. Working with Time Tags 7:15
8. Exploring the Dope Sheet 3:37
9. Working with Max’s Curve Editor 3:19
10. Examining Max’s F-curve tangent types via the Curve Editor 4:46
11. Cloning keys and F-curves in the Curve Editor 8:40
12. Manipulating tangent handles 5:33
13. Modifying tangent handles for moving holds in animation 9:28
14. Breaking the continuity of tangents for weight and impact 10:20
15. The menus of the Track View 7:34
16. Using the Euler Filter to correct gimbal flipping issues 8:50
17. Ghosting animation and viewing Key Brackets 9:43
18. Working with the Parameter Curve Out of Range dialog 9:26
19. Animating seamless cycles - setting keyframes 5:37
20. Animating seamless cycles - tweaking F-curves 9:06
21. Creating Out of Range keys 8:29
22. Working with the Motion Mixer 9:13
23. Blending animation clips 7:07
24. Layering animation 6:30
25. Animating along a path 5:43
26. Utilizing trajectories 12:05
27. Working with the Link Constraint 4:31
28. Automating animation with expressions 6:43
29. Animating with Wired parameters 5:47
30. Mapping animation 2:46
31. Collapsing animation from the Track View-Curve Editor 10:08
32. Outputting animation for a real-time preview 10:05
33. Render settings to be mindful of 7:00
Total Run Time: 3:05:04

Item #: MXB-1069
Software Requirement: 3ds Max 2008 and up (project files require 3ds Max 2009)
Run Time: 3 hrs. 5 min., 1 disc
Format: CD-ROM
Platform: Mac / PC
Availability: Ships next business day
Weight: 0.25 lbs

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Digital -Tutors Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max
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