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Digital -Tutors Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max

Digital -Tutors Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max

Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max
A comprehensive guide to automotive modeling


Software: 3ds Max 2009 and up
Run Time: 7 hrs. 37 min., 4 discs
Availability: Ships next business day

Digital -Tutors Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max

Learn a production workflow to automotive modeling in 3ds Max and a multitude of Polygon, NURBS, and Spline-based techniques that can be used for Film, Games, and Automotive Design. Contains over 7.5 hours of project-driven training.

Popular highlights include:
Viewport Background Images
Establishing Automotive Line Flow
Creating Multiple Fitted Panels
Redrawing Topology
Adding Resolution to Tighten Edges
Adding Edge Loops with Connect Tool
Edge Loop and Ring Selections
Converting Sub-object Selections
Adding Geometry with Bridge
Cloning Geometry and Shapes
Attaching and Detaching Geometry
Building Geometry with Splines
Building Geometry with NURBS Curves
Mirroring Geometry
Symmetry Modifier
Converting Parametric Geometry
Previewing Smooth Geometry
Creating Detail with Extrude Tool
Importing Adobe Illustrator Curves
Creating and Adding Realistic Materials
Adding Bump Maps to Materials
Creating UV Layouts
Creating Geometry with Primitives
Changing Geometry Creation Parameters
Welding Vertices
Creating Splines and Patches
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Lesson Outline:

1.Project Overview 0:44
2.Setting up Viewport Background images 3:29
3.Modeling the wheel arches 9:48
4.Bridging geometry between the arches 2:57
5.Extruding edges up along the side 5:34
6.Extruding out the back 4:24
7.Extruding out the front 9:25
8.Tweaking the topology on the front fascia 8:04
9.Extruding across hood 11:53
10.Extruding across the back and bottom 10:18
11.Detaching the belly pan 6:48
12.Detaching and shaping the hood 7:59
13.Adding edge detail to the front fascia 10:20
14.Extruding in the front vent area 10:33
15.Adding struts to the grill 9:37
16.Adding remaining fascia details 11:28
17.Building the side vent 9:29
18.Finishing the fascia details 9:36
19.Refining the headlight interior 11:17
20.Refining the topology of the trunk 11:28
21.Detaching the trunk and taillights 9:35
22.Finishing the taillights 10:45
23.Adding body detail to the side 9:43
24.Detaching the panels 7:51
25.Building the top of the cab 7:04
26.Extruding down the sail panel 8:00
27.Building the roof 11:20
28.Detaching the door frame 4:47
29.Adding thickness to the panels 12:59
30.Adding the rocker panel 4:01
31.Adding details to the back end 9:47
32.Creating the exhaust pipes 5:03
33.Detaching the doors 4:34
34.Adding door handles 12:09
35.Cloning the quarter panel 3:09
36.Modeling the fuel cap 8:13
37.Building the windshield 7:51
38.Modeling the back light 6:59
39.Adding windows to the doors 5:22
40.Modeling covers for the quarter windows 10:27
41.Adding a scoop to the hood 11:23
42.Building a spoiler 12:23
43.Modeling the trunk emblem 4:57
44.Modeling the grill mesh 9:32
45.Building head lamps 11:39
46.Adding an emblem to the grill 5:18
47.Building a tire 4:46
48.Adding the wheel 5:17
49.Finishing the shape of the wheel 8:29
50.Adding detail to the wheel 11:39
51.Adding disc brake and caliper 8:03
52.Modeling the rearview mirror 8:29
53.Creating a UV layout for the tire 4:15
54.Adding a car paint material 7:45
55.Creating reflector materials 6:18
56.Setting up a material for the tire 4:05
57.Adding remaining materials 8:02
58.Performing final material changes 5:43
Total Run Time: 7:37:37

Item #: MXT-1073
Software Requirement: 3ds Max 2009 and up
Run Time: 7 hrs. 37 min., 4 discs
Format: CD-ROM
Platform: Mac / PC
Availability: Ships next business day
Weight: 0.45 lbs
Размер файла: 2051.88 MB
Сылки для скачивания:
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