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21 марта 2013

How to avoid fake free slots?

Категория: Наука и технологии

How to avoid fake free slots?

There are many cyber criminals in internet who wish to earn money on somebody’s greed. Before you register in any online casino take a tour around its site. Pay attention on design and language. Sharply bright and not accurate pictures, plenty of advertisements and simple navigation should warn player to leave this web page. Any articles, information or rules shouldn’t have mistakes or be written in slang.

To play slot machine No Mercy safety you should ask developer of game application about official permission which they issued to certain casino. If company signs contract with online casino then you can be sure that your money safe.
Check how many people visit casino every day. Numbers can say how many gamblers trust casino.
Read about bonuses offers. Too much generous bonus can expose fake casino. Easy conditions to take out winnings, high value prizes and bonuses should warn you - better to avoid betting here. If you still hesitate better to ask people registered on site or any member of gambling forum on another sites.
Don’t you ever write your PIN-code in any online form! Close immediately page and never visit it again if registering form or process of transferring money asks from you any passwords.
Contact Support team of site before you put real money to virtual account. Ask them about rules and conditions of taking winnings out. Try to understand which way of transferring money more profitable for you and how fast they finish financial part.
Try to play free slot machines on site of casino without money, see how applications work and interface looks like.
Read more comments from people about casinos online on gambling forums. Share with them your experience and take advices back.
Real and trustable casino will never offer you more than it can take from you. If you see casino offering much bigger Jackpot than in the same free slot but on another site then be sure that you have met thieves.

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