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Digital -Tutors Principles of Photoshop CS

Digital -Tutors Principles of Photoshop CS

Principles of Photoshop CS
A detailed overview to creatively using Adobe Photoshop


Software: Photoshop CS
Run Time: 1 hr. 36 min., 1 disc
Availability: Ships next business day

Digital -Tutors Principles of Photoshop CS

Gain a complete understanding of Photoshop and learn the principles with 1.5 hours of project-driven training. Great for new and beginning users.

Popular highlights include:

* File Browser
* Color Replacement
* Tool Overview
* Brush overview
* Adjustment Layers
* Layer Effects
* Preparing Graphics for Web
* Filters
* Custom Shortcuts
* Actions
* Clipping Paths
* Design with Text
* Color Replacement Layers Palette

Lesson Outline:

1. Taking an extensive look at the File Browser and seeing how it could be used in your worlflow 5:19
2. We will do a quick overview of all the Photoshop tools, concentrating on the Liquify Filter in particular. 9:02
3. Mastering the Layers Palette. 11:37
4. Using Adjustment Layers 5:43
5. The Heal Tool is essential to any photographer that needs to clean up blemishes, wrinkles or any other delicate features. 6:21
6. Color Replacement and the History Brush 7:08
7. Combining Layers and Using Alpha Channels 10:39
8. Adding Layer Effects and Text 4:52
9. Working with Text, Moving Layers and Saving the File 5:04
10. Custom Shortcuts, Actions, and Droplets 5:58
11. Working with Filters 4:53
12. Dodge and Burn Tools 6:53
13. Using Clipping Paths and Compressing Images for the Web 5:52
14. Slicing Up a Web Page Interface 7:36
Total Run Time: 1:36:00

Item #: PSP-079
Software Requirement: Photoshop CS
Run Time: 1 hr. 36 min., 1 disc
Format: CD-ROM
Availability: Ships next business day
Weight: 0.25 lbs
Размер файла: 124.31 MB
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